How To Write Good Content For Blog Posts With Example

In this post, we will talk about how you can write good content for blog posts. Before Writing Good content for blog posts you should have two objectives in mind. First, What type of information my targeted visitor is searching and Second the blog posts should have qualities to rank higher in search engines.

Further to achieve the first objective you should break up this into the following points: target Visitors Qualifications, Financial background, Age, and Experience because these are the point will help us to connect with the visitors. Let’s talk about two examples to understand the good content for blog posts related to the cross-platform mobile app development with Xamarin.Forms.

Let us consider the first scenario, where Mr. Daglus whose age is 55 and he is a very experienced IT director of a company and he is doing the retail business in Europe. From above, we have noted the following points:-

  • He is highly educated and experienced in IT, So we should use the advanced IT key terms so that he considers this blog till the end.
  • Because Web Development is very new for him so that We should explain this process to him.
  • As he is in search of Web Development for his company so We should explain him the best options available for the market.
  • check full blog post: App Development with Microsoft Xamarin.Forms
Blog as per first scenario

In the second scenario, let us assume that Mr. Max Who Has no Knowledge of IT terms so we should avoid the high-end technical terms but at the same time we should explain the benefits of the latest technology and the other things will remain the same as the first one.

check example post at – App Development With Xamarin.Forms

Blog as per second scenario

To achieve second objective related to SEO We have followed the following path:-

  • The top priority keywords should be reasonable according to priority keywords.
  • Keyword density should be reasonable according to priority keywords.
  • The flow of the blog should be natural and there is no keyword stuffing.
  • All the priority keywords should be linked to the internal pages of the main website.
  • Grammar and punctuation should be proper

For more about content writing please visit video:

How to write good content for a blog as per requirements


So, In this post, we have discussed many sub-points on how you can write good content for your blog and we have discussed two examples where there are two-person one is techy and the other one is non-techy. so that you can relate to these examples and understand them well. This will help you to write good content for the blog posts.


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