12 Windows Shortcut Keys from A to Z Using Win Key

If you are a student or working professional who uses a computer daily this post is for you, then If you don’t know windows shortcut keys then you don’t know much about the computer.

So don’t worry,

Well in this post we give you some windows shortcut keys list that will help you to work fast on a computer or laptop.

Win + A


Shortcuts for Administrator task

If you use Win + A key then you can open an administrative task and you don’t need to find it anywhere on the computer.

Win + C

Shortcuts for Cortana

In Win + C is used to open Cortana which is used to give a command like Alexa, google assistant like this.

Win + D

Shortcuts for Minimize the Program
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Win + D is used to minimize the open program, like if you open multiple programs at the same time and you will not need to close the program one by one.

Win + E

Shortcuts for File Manager


Next, come Win + E, well using this key you can open file explorer on windows.

Win + F


Shortcuts for Feedback Hub in Windows 10

Using Win + F is used to give feedback and its feature name is Feedback hub.

Win + I

Windows Shortcut Key for Settings Option


In Win + I key is used to open the settings option and you don’t need to find anywhere around your Windows Computer or Laptop

Win + L


Shortcuts for Lock the Computer screen

In Win + L key is used to lock your computer or laptop. It is useful when you don’t want to access anything. To unlock your computer or laptop then you simply type the password.

Win + P

Shortcuts for setup the Projector

In Win + P key is used to open the project and connect with different monitors or projects.

Win + R

Shortcuts to start the Run command

In Win + R shortcut key is used to open the Run command and it is useful to run operations in windows.

Win + U

Shortcuts to display Settings option

In Win + U key is used to open the display settings option through this key.

Win + V

Windows Shortcut key for opening Clipboard in Windows 10


In Win + V key is used to paste multiple copies of text articles or documents and paste them on the clipboard. But this feature is only available in Windows 10 Operating System.

Win + X


Windows Shortcut key to perform important tasks

In Win + X key is used to open some important tasks which you are needed.


So, these are some useful windows shortcut keys list from A to Z using the Win key which will help you to work fast on your computer or laptop. If you have any queries related to anything then you can comment on us and also share this post if you think this will be useful to your family or relatives.

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