Whatsapp Communities Feature Explained

Meta’s WhatsApp has unveiled a new feature called Communities

That will enable users to place several group chats together under a specific topic and share some information.

This feature allows people to receive updates sent to the entire Community and easily organize smaller discussion groups. 

Whatsapp Communities Feature Explained
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These communities act as the mega-group that will hold inside the several other groups of a similar theme or nature. 

The sent messages will be end-to-end encryption, which promises to add a layer of security and privacy to chats.

Admin of WhatsApp Groups can now remove messages sent by any user at any moment. The chat will no longer be available to any group members.

WhatsApp will now enable up to 32 members to participate in a group phone call. At that moment, only a maximum of five persons may participate in a video conference on the social media site.

WhatsApp users will be allowed to send bigger files with sizes of up to 2 gigabytes, up from the existing limit of 1 GB. “We’re expanding file sharing to enable files up to 2 terabytes so individuals can easily collaborate on projects,” the meta stated.

WhatsApp has also announced several other updates coming to group chats, including the ability to use emoji reactions in response to specific messages.


In the communities feature, we can add groups for a specific topic.

Next comes file-sharing, where we can send the larger file size up to 2GB to the contacts.

Last comes to Audio call, where we can add up to 32 members in the group.

So, these are the features of the Whatsapp Communities feature where we have discussed this topic, and let’s see when we get this feature on our phones.

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