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Top 5 whatsapp update :- Reverse Image Search,Dark Mode, And More

whatsapp is about to integrate a reverse image search system via google images. A way to fight against the huge problem of fake news. whatsapp is popular instant messaging app globally and has over 1.3 billion users. But that one big challenge for the app, which is tackle spread of fake news. whatsapp has trying to combat fake news by restricting forwarded messages, as well as released commercials to educate the masses about the news that is shared on the platform. There is another whatsapp feature that could help them tackle fake news. whatsapp is about integrate a reverse image search system via googlr images, to varify the authenticity of the image that you may received in a message.

whatsapp is known to launch new features from time to time. Let’s take a look at the whatsapp new features is going to release in the coming months.

Reverse Image System

According to a report by a WABeta Info, Whatsapp beta 2.19.73 update for Android has been spotted with a ‘reverse Image system feature’ which will take a user to may have received in a whatsapp chat. WABeta Info mentions that the new feature is not available, through that screenshots do suggest it is being tested on a Android at moment. The feature might use Google from the whastapp chat as well.

This feature will be very useful because because it can help us to understand if news is fake or not. when you receive an image, you can try to search it on the web using this feature, so you can discover if its fake reading or not on the web related to that image.

Dark Mode

A there are more than available apps in which it provides dark mode which is primarily a theme with dark colours and dim lighting. Not only does this app in the using the app at night, but it also helps to save the battery life of your device. We are hope that this feature to hit whatsapp soon.

3D Touch feature

This feature is exclusive to iphone users, this feature is let you to secretly read someone’s status without intimidating them. This feature is said to be already available to whatsapp beta version and should be rolled out to end users soon.

Private Replies

A long waited feature, private replies was recently introduced for Android Users. This feature is expected to finally reach to iOS users. With this feature, The users can privately reply a message to person in a whatsapp group chat.

Audio Picker

A new update should introduce a ravamped audio picker for whatsapp. This will allow users to play the audio files before sending it to the users. Apart from that all audio and music files stored on the phone can also be send and at a time you will be able to send 30 audio files at a one time.

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