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Top 5 cool gadgets to buy In March 2019|Best Tech Gadgets

In this weak there are some Top 10 cool gadgets you can buy in March 2019 with some Best Tech Gadgets. Here are the some Best Tech Gadgets for you in March 2019

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1.SoundOne X60

It is the bluetooth earphones and it is pretty cheap price, The X60 is good value for money and also has good battery life. The audio is crisp and clear while the earbuds are sit well. It can be improve which its design which looks little bit too plastic-y but it still good and it price is 3490 Rs.

2.boAt airpods 211

It is the bluetooth airpods which any wires. It is the new airpods of 211 which specialises of audio product which gives the better sound and battery without no wires. While the airpods are the good device itself. It is the best price range Rs.2499.

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Samsung Galaxy S10

It is almost bezel less of 6.4 inch display. The samsung galaxy comes in three varients while the phone in itself looks in good impressive. The features of Samsung Galaxy S10 has wireless charging , triple rear camera and in-built Instagram mode among other features. Samsung Galaxy S10 currently makes it our top gadgets in this month. The price is Rs.55,990.

4.Xiaomi Mi9

A triple rear camera with 48MP lens.It has a Octa-core processor with 6GB RAM and the resolution is 8000×6000, The Xiaomi Mi9 features are almost unbelievable. The latest flagship is a medium price smartphone range with its competitive pricing and value for money. The price is 31,790.

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5.Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

It is the much more lighter, fitness oriented model called Active. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is cheaper and a much sleeker version, making it one of the most excited products in March 2019 and its price is $200 (Rs 14,090 approx.)


In the above Top 10 cool gadgets you can buy and the Best gadgets of my choice is that Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. This watch gives almost some features to track your fitness. Second of above gadgets are Samsung Galaxy S10 in which there price is good. The display is amoled and back is glass finish design. Third above gadgets is Mi9. This phone is flagship smartphone where the camera is 48MP lens with Triple rear camera setup. However I gives you Top 5 best cool gadgets in the march 2019. and you buy any of them gadgets of your choice.

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