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Top 4 Best andoid File Transfer Apps to Transfer Data from New phone

If you want to transfer data from old phone to new phone so there are some useful apps you can use to transfer all the data from old phone to new phone. There are 4 Apps which are best android file transfer Apps to transfer data from new phone are given below

Copy My data

Copy My data App is allow you to transfer contacts, text messages from new phone. What you have to do is Install this app in old as well as new phone and connect them form same wifi . you can create backup in google drive and restore it from new phone.

phone copier

phone copier App is allow you to transfer contacts and text messages. This app create backup in cloud storage and you can restore it. you can also transfer from Bluetooth of contacts and text messages. There is also you can also connect from pc to phone for data transfer.


This app is know it all. By using this app you can transfer apps, photos, videos and files to another user. This app supports wifi direct. By using wifi direct you can transfer old phone data to new phone easily. This app a feature of cloan where they copy old device data to the new device easily.

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

If you have a new Galaxy series smartphone then The samsung smart switch mobile will help you to copy android or iOS data to new smartphone. This app is preloaded of Galaxy A7 and S8. This app is required to install both the phones and also connect from wifi direct.

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