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spotify youtube music & youtube premium announced in india will compete

spotify youtube music & youtube premium

Those who take subscriptions of youtube music has get two offers. If the users choose youtube music then the services are free and the ads will not show and if the users want to choose youtube premium then the ads will show. The users will give charge of Rs.99 per month of premium subscription. The users will stream Offline music and also download the music. There is separate app is available on play store. This will include Official songs, Albums, playlists, Artists Audio etc. All these contents are available on Free as well as premium subscriptions.

youtube music
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In youtube premium the users will give charge of Rs. 129 per month subscriptions. In this membership there is included youtube music premium. There will not show any ads and also the users in youtube to watch lakh of videos and youtube originals series.

Compete with spotifiy music

spotify music will available in india of regional languages like Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Telagu. In india spotify music ad- suppoted free subscription and premium subscription are presented. The trial pack has 30 days where the users will give Rs.199. Then the users will give full access of music and also the users will also use premium features of app. The users can also sign up of premium pre-paid. If the users want 1 day subscription then the users will give Rs.13, if the users want 7 days subscription then the users will give Rs.39 and if the users want monthly pack then the charge of Rs.129 and also if the users want 3 months pack then the users should give Rs.389, 6 months of Rs.719 and 1 year of Rs.1,189. charge.

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