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3 Reasons For Phone Charging Slow | Fix Slow Charging

Did your phone is slow charging ? In this post I will discuss on 3 Reasons which phone has slow charge. So read the post given below in which you will get solution for slow phone charge. I also discuss on how you can fix this problem.

Fake Adapter and USB Cable

If you are using Fake Adapter or Local Charger then this will charge your phone slowly. We are Using break USB Cable in which this USB Cable can charge your phone Slowly. So Use Branded or Original USB Cable so that your phone will fast charge.

Installed Unwanted Apps On Phone

When we are recently Install some Unwanted Apps on Phone then Phone can charge Slowly. So if you think that you are installing some apps on Phone and if you are notice when you are charging your phone then simply uninstall that app. This will increase the speed of your phone charge.

USB Port Damage

When You are Charging Of Your Phone and If You are Noticed that Your Phone was slow charge then Check your Phone’s USB Port Whether has a Dust or Damage. If have a Dust on USB Port Then Clean It or If the USB Port is Damage then Contact to the Service Center. These are the main reasons of Phone Slow Charge.


So These are Some Reasons which I am discussed On How Your Phone is Slow Charging and How you can Fix it. Follow These Tips To charge your phone Fastly. If you get latest Gadgets and Tips & Tricks and reviews, subscribe to our news letter and also follow Easy TecTricks on social media icons and subscribe TecTricks to youtube channel.

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