Bluetooth support on Nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch Gets Bluetooth Support Update | How to Connect them ?

Since the four years of the launch of the Nintendo Switch, Finally, they have Bluetooth support in which you can connect Bluetooth Audio where you connect not more than two wireless controllers. This feature is available in the latest version, 13.0.0.


How to Connect Bluetooth to Nintendo Switch

To start updating Bluetooth Support in your Nintendo Switch console. Make sure that the Internet is connecting to your console. Go to system settings > system > system update. Update to the latest version, 13.0.0. Then you will find the Bluetooth Audio section.

Now it’s time to connect your Bluetooth Handset by pressing the power button of your Handset and pair your device to the Nintendo Switch Console. Make sure that your Bluetooth Handset has fully charged. You will see your Bluetooth Handset name in the Bluetooth Audio Section and connect them also.


So, these are steps to update the Nintendo Switch latest update version of, 13.0.0 where you can connect Bluetooth Audio. We have covered how to connect your Bluetooth Audio Handset and also covered some features of this new update. I hope you will get all the answers to your questions related to this blog post.

Make sure that your Bluetooth Handsets have low latency wireless headphones so that you cannot get any issues related to connectivity with your Nintendo Switch Console.

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