how to boost Wifi internet speed | 5 Ways to Speed Internet

my wifi speed-if you are looking for how to increase your wifi speed then this is the right place for you where you can speed your wifi internet speed and we provide you best methods to increase your and boost internet wifi speed.

How to Increase your internet Wifi Speed

Wifi Internet boost Speed– If you are using Wifi then you have issues in Wifi Internet Speed. We have friends or family who are using our wifi in our homes so this will effect our Wifi Speed. In this article We will show you 5 tips how you can fix your wifi Internet Speed.

  1. Place Your Router in great Direction

The right place for router is nessesary for wifi Speed. The right place for router is good speed for Wifi Speed.Wifi Signal has works in omn-directional so if you place your router in center of a your home.

This will help you to get good internet speed. Place your router equal at i-level or try to place your router upper corner. so the wifi signal has reach on all the corners of your home with good speed.

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2.Use Repeater

Wifi Range can also increase using the repeater.Repeater can take signal’s of Wifi to increase signal coverage. you have to enable of WPS and press the WPS button of Repeater and then they can connect with them.

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3. Set the Guest Network

You have to set the Guest Network .This option has available to your Router admin settings then go to Wireless tab and then the Guest Network option has shown and then click it this option. you can name your any Guest Network and also set password.

Then the user has to enter your set password to access your wifi router. You can also set limitation who can access your wifi router and if any device has access large amount of data then you can also block or remove that user.

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4.Check your USB Port of your Router

Check your USB Port of your Router.If you have USB in your Router and if you have USB port on your router then you can connect your External hard drive or Pendrive.

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5. Change your password

you have to change your wifi password forever. This will improve your wifi internet speed and you can access your internet easily.


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