How To Reduce Data Usage On Android Phone | Tips To Save Mobile Data

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How To Reduce Data Usage On Android Phone | Tips To Save Mobile Data

Do You want to Save your Mobile data on your android phone? in this post i will give some 5 magical tips where you would try to save your mobile data. so let’s start this by reading the whole article.

I also make video on how to save mobile data on android phone. you can watch this video if you know in hindi

How To Reduce Data Usage On Android Phone | Tips To Save Mobile Data

1.Background Data Restricting Apps

when we on the mobile data of our phone where our mobile data usage are consumed by Some applications. To On Background restricting apps on your phone follow these steps.

  • Go To your phone settings
  • go to mobile data usage and tap on apps which are consumed data and disable background data.

if you follow these steps can save your mobile data.

2. Set Data Limit

when we using mobile data and suffing applications on the phone then these apps are consumed data where our data pack consumed smoothly. to set the data limit then follow some steps to save mobile data.

  • go to your phone settings
  • go to data usage and tap on set data limit set your accordingly your data usage.

3. Install Play Store Apps Using WiFi

We are using mobile data for the install playstore apps. then these heavy apps are consumed more data. to stop consumed more data on these heavy apps. Use WiFi instead using Mobile Data because WiFi are Unlimited and you should Install Apps Using WiFi.

4. Avoid Using Streaming Apps

If you are using Streaming Apps Like Viva Or Other Streaming Apps Then These Apps are consumed more data due to they autoplay like Video streaming Apps. To Save Your Mobile Data Usage Then Save Your Video or Audio on Offline Mode.

5. Use Mobile Data Saver

If you Did not Off Your Mobile Data Then You Can Use Data saver where it can save your data but if you are not use your phone then you should off your mobile data. this will save your more data.

These are the some useful tips where you can save your data usage. If You Get Latest Gadgets And Tips & Tricks And Reviews, Subscribe To Our News Letter And Also Follow Easy TecTricks On Social Media Icons And Subscribe TecTricks To Youtube Channel. You can follow Me on facebook and instagram for more updates.

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