How To Know If Someone Has Blocked You On Whatsapp

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Whatsapp is popular Instant Messaging Apps. But if someone is Blocked you on whatsapp then there are some tips & Tricks you can follow to find out who is blocked you on whatsapp

Check Message Delivery Tick

whatsapp has not an option to check if you block or not block but you can find out when you send an message if there is single Tick if few minutes then there is chances that the contact is blocked you.

Check Contact Profile View

If you want to sure about that you are blocked or not then check your contact profile pic if your contact has show last seen or online then you are not blocked and if few hours if you have noticed that your contact is not show any photo or last seen that it means that your contact is blocked you.

You Can’t call on Whatsapp

If you contact is blocked you then you can’t whatsapp call. You can call your contact if the call is again and again not connect then may be your contact is blocked you.

Try to add on whatsapp group

If in above tricks you cannot confirmed then try to add your contact in your whatsapp group. You are fully confirmed that your contact is blocked you. The whatsapp has not give an option to add on whatsapp group and it means that your contact user is blocked you.

In the above steps you can find out those users are blocked you or not.

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