How to Increase Internal Storage on android smartphone

If you are facing low internal storage on your smartphone then there are a easy tips and tricks you can use to increase Internal Storage your android smartphone.There are some low budget android smartphones in which it has low internal memory space.In which we did not store files on smartphone. In given below there are some easy tricks you can use to increase internal storage on your smartphone.

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Delete unwanted files

In our smartphone we have store some unwanted files on our smartphone in which it consume our smartphone memory and they hangs our smartphone.So you should delete heavy files on your smartphone so that the internal memory on your smartphone will increase and your phone did not hang.

Delete unwanted apps

If you are using android or ios phone there are more than apps are available in google playstore and Apple ios store. We downloaded unwanted apps which they consume more memory and also we install heavy apps like facebook, youtube, instagram. which are heavy app size. There are also available lite apps which are less then app size like facebook lite. so download lite apps on your phone to improve internal memory on your phone and also uninstall unwanted apps on your phone to improve phone performance.

Delete cache

If you are using smartphone or you are surfing on internet in which cache are made in which we did not delete them in which they consume internal memory. So delete cache on your smartphone to increase internal memory on your smartphone.

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