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Are you in need to drive traffic to your website, optimize it or make use of the latest technologies out there? We can help you make the right decisions via our consulting services or marketing packages. We have a do it yourself service too with step by step manuals etc.If you can’t find what you are looking for in this website, let us know? Perhaps we can help you either-way. | more

Why SEO Consulting?

At present internet is a decisive factor in any sale or purchase. Branding of any online or offline product is not possible without significant presence on internet. When we talk about online presence it is mandatory to rank high in search engines. For any related search your product or website should be on top three otherwise who cares? Researches shows 90% people even don’t click for second page results. Getting position right on top is the SEO job.

Search engine optimization (SEO) or Search Engine marketing (SEM) is high skill job which requires a lot of research activities. As we know search engine like Google are running many algorithm updates on daily basis and run big updates related to website quality and its links very often. Understanding of these rules and to make website according to them is very tricky.

Many people think that link building and social media posting is the SEO. In recent past we have seen many such websites who have thousand links, thrown away by Google’s penguin update. Any spammed work may give results for short run but it will adversely affect your business in long run. | more

How it works

As you send your website details we will make a free check-list, which will show what are the priority rectifications are required to boost your performance. Now it is up to you to go a head or not, we will never disturb you via phone or emails. For your reference our check-list will include following points.

1. Coding of website as per international w3C coding standards.| Try your self

2. Website content and its uniqueness.| Try your self

3. Keywords in content their position and density.| Try your self

4. Title tag as per content of website and target keyword.

5. Meta description as per headings and content.

6. Heading tags with target keyword and related content.

7. Canonical tag.

8. Proper utilization of images and alt tags.

9. Keyword highlighting with strong and bold tags.

10. View-port setting for all devices.

11. Geographical tag for particular country.

12. Search engine submission code and checking if they are working.

13. Analytical tool setting for performance reporting.

14. WWW resolve through redirection.

15. Fevicon setting.

16. Mobile friendly responsive design (If not we will make it).

17. Sitemap checking with setting of no-follow links.

18. Broken link check.

19. Search engine friendly internal link design.

20. Pre-working and post working full report.

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Web optimization is fun, but even better is seeing your profit go up.

There is a miss conception of one’s dreams first and then the work behind it. But why worry, building and improving your business is just as big achievement as the profit that falls behind it. And the best part, it’s easy! Let us help you and show you how? | more

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With Google shoving off futile links, it is now becoming increasingly important to get relevant incoming links to your site.

On the basis of reliability, our submission service ensures that any directory that we submit your sites to is not blacklisted or spammed. | more

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With the ever-increasing information that is readily available on the internet, it is now becoming important, rather than popular, to capture relevant information. With tons of information out there our database makes careful notice of selected segments of relevant data to optimize and market ones website. | more

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What GlobalSeoConsulting can do for you and why rather us? We are a professional body that is certified in advanced search engine marketing from the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organisation (emarketinginstitute.org Copenhagen, Denmark) in 2017.| more

What my first client says Global SEO Consulting has helped lot from start-up of my online business from January 2014 till date and now we consider them as our extended marketing team.