How To Fix Laptop Overheating Issue Problem

How To Fix Laptop Overheating Issue Problem
How To Fix Laptop Overheating Issue Problem

Are You Facing Laptop Overheating Issue ? Well In This Post I Will Discuss Some Tips Which You Can Follow To Overcome This Problem. When We Are Working In Laptop For Long Hours In a Day, Then Laptop Starts Overheat.

You Can Watch This Video To Fix Out The Laptop Overheating. Or You Can Continue Read The Article. I Give Some Of The Most Important Points To Fix Laptop Overheat?

1.Use Laptop In-Plane Surface

If You Are Using Laptop In Appropriate Place Then Your Laptop Starts Overheats. The Reason is That When Your Laptop’s Cooling Fan Blown Heat In the Outside And Some Object or Thing Blocks The Heat Sink. Then Laptop Starts Heat While Using Long Hours. The Solution is That Use Laptop In-Plane Surface So That The Heat Sink Can Blow Heat Outside And It Cools Your Laptop.

2.Change Your Laptop’s Cooling Fan

If Your Laptop Is Getting Old And It Needs To Be Change Because The Laptop’s Fan Getting Noise If You Are Noticed While You Are Using So It Needs To Be Repaired or Change.

3.Clean The Dust Inside Your Laptop

If Your Laptop Starts Overheat Then The Reason May Be Dust Inside Your Laptop Because The Dust Can Block The Heat Sink Where The Heat Is Blown And It Needs To Be Clean So That The Overheat Has Overcome And It Starts Cool Down.

4.Stop Overcome Using Your Laptop For Long Hours

If You Are Working In Laptop For Long Hours Then You Should Overcome This Problem Because The Reason Is That It Overheats. Try To ShutDown Your Laptop If You Have Not Use So That The Laptop Overheat Can Be Stop.


So, These Are The 4 Important Steps If You Follow Then You Can Overcome The Laptop Overheating Problem. I Try To Understand This Topic And If You Have Any Queries About AnyThing or This Topic You Can Comment Down Below, And If You Like This Post Then Share This Article With Your Friends and Relatives. Do Subscribe To Our NewsLetter And Also Subscribe To My Youtube Channel For Hindi Videos.


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  1. Good post. I am dealing with many of these issues as well.. Karole Jared MacNamara