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Beware Before Updating Android 11 In Xiaomi Mi A3

Beware Before Updating Android 11 In Xiaomi Mi A3

There is post for xiaomi Mi A3 Users Who Got An Update Of Latest Android 11. In Recently Some Users Are Faced Issues In Its Mi A3 That There phone is brick. This Was Happend When They Installed Android 11 Update In Mi A3.

Xiaomi Mi A3 Got Issued Of Android 11 Update

The Reason Behind this is that there is a bug found In There Update. Now The Company is Stop Roll Out The Android 11 Update. Now The Xiaomi givers relief for affected Users After There Phone is bricked.

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Xiaomi has announced that it gives free fix in their service centers to the mi A3 Users inrespective to their waranty status.

Xiaomi has released a press statement were said that it was aware of the issue on some mi A3 following the recent Android 11 Update and had since halted the rollout.

“We kindly request users who experience this issue to visit any of the 2,000 plus service centres across the country nearer to you wherein a solution will be provided for free unconditionally (within or beyond warranty),” the company said.

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Xiaomi didn’t provide any details on whether the given “solution” will cause any data loss to customers or if a backup system is in place at its service centres to resist the loss.

The bricking issue had come last week when a large number of Mi A3 users reported on social media that their smartphones became completely dead after installing the official Android 11 update. The users mentioned that the phone didn’t even turn on the bootloader or wake up when it was connected with a PC. A petition was also created on people’s platform to request Xiaomi to either replace or fix the Mi A3 for free.

Now, We Have To See That When The Company can fix this fault In Its Android 11 Update And How The Mi A3 Users Can Get Solutions Of Its Bricking Issue.

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