App Development With Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms is a new app development tool of Microsoft’s Xamrin technology; this can be used to develop mobile apps of different platforms like Apple’s iOS, and Google’s Android through a single set of coding.

How to choose the best App development tool?

Normally each of the above platforms has its development tools and the mobile app developed in these tools is called native. These native apps perform very well, and the look of these apps, known as the user interface UI, is also very attractive.

If your targeted audience uses mobile built either on iOS or Andriod then these native app development tools are the best, but if the group is on both then making two separate native apps will be a costly affair.

What is a cross-platform app development tool?

The app development tool which can build a mobile app that works well across all mobile platforms is called the cross-platform app development tool, Xamarin.Forms is one of them.

Why prefer Xamarin.Forms?

“Write once and use anywhere” theme of Xamarin.Forms, make coding very handy. Here up to 100% coding is reusable means single code writing will be equally catering to the needs of all cross-platform apps.

With Xamarin.forms coding is easy because the developer has the option to make UI through XAML or with C#, the main surprise is that both will give the same native look of UI.

Xamarin.Forms provide an opportunity to a person who is interested in earn money by app development because app development learning is easy and effortless in this development environment.

Benefits cross-platform app development tool Xamarin.Form

1. Rapid app development       

Xamarin.Forms development environment gives the ability to a developer that he can reuse code up to 100 percent for all operating system mobile app UI design. App development process with Xamarin.Forms is very fast.

2. Low-cost mobile app development

Single app developer which has the good experience in cross-platform app development can make ready to use apps across all platforms with a single set of codes.

So the cost-effectiveness is one of the best advantages of the cross-platform app development tool Xamarin.Forms.

3. Earn money by developing an app

If we take it from a cross-platform app developer’s point of view, he can manage to develop many apps that pertain to a similar industry by developing a single prototype app.

Now the developer can change few codes and customize the app as per the request of the customer and earn money by developing apps.

Limitations of Xamarin.Forms

This is not suitable for high-end gaming apps due to graphics.

Alternatives of Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms have given a big boost to the Xamarin development environment, now it becomes easy for developers to create native user interfaces for multiple mobile operating systems by writing a single shared codebase.

Before Xamarin.Forms many cross-platform app solutions are few steps ahead of the Xamarin technology.

However, Xamarin.Forms is facing tough competition from some alternatives, particularly in UI development.

Titanium has excellent ability to develop native UI for both Android and iOS but it fails to provide good solutions for complex applications due to the use of JavaScript. Xamarin.Forms use C# which provides a better solution for complex mobile app development.

FireMonkey uses graphics API in place of the native API for UI design which produces very good looking but fails to show a native look and feels that can be easily developed with Xamarin.Forms.

React Native may be considered as the best alternative to Xamarin.Forms for UI design. Despite using JavaScript which is considered slower in comparison to native code; users find it simple design, true look of native interfaces, and good performance.

Hire an app agency-

If you are looking to hire an app agency for app development then you should keep ready for answers to the following questions

  • The app is required for which platform?
  • What should be compulsory and what should be negotiable features in the app?
  • What are the timelines for app development?
  • What is the budget?
  • You need to hire an app agency or a developer?
  • Location of agency or developer?
  • What will be the maintenance terms and conditions of the app
  • If the app is to be developed cross-platform then which technology you prefer?


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